The end of the Leica R ?

三月 5th, 2009

國外是有在討論 R system 似乎要收掉了(停止研發?),Leica研發主力都會留在 S2。

不過也沒有交代之後會不會有R10,不過可以確定R9和目前的R Lens不會有新的產品出現。

至於R系統的漲跌,老實講,長期的話是看跌的,就像 Contax 一樣,除非是某些限量鏡頭,或是比較特殊的鏡頭。

我想目前Leica會做這樣的決定,也是因為研發的資源都在S2上面,R System 還是會有新的數位機出現,只是可能跟以往的鏡頭有所區隔,應該都是AF化,

也有朋友問我,會不會影響到M? Leica M 是Leica主要的產品線,基本上M如果停產,除非是有其他的產品能取代M的位置,如果沒有,那可能就是Leica倒的那一天吧。

The end of the Leica R

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

we want to thank you very much for the successful sale of the Leica R system in the recent years. Many photographers worldwide now use this system with joy and great success. Therefore many thanks.

Today we would like to inform you that from now on no LEICA R9 or R-Lenses are available. There will be no new production. Accessories for the Leica R System in the published price list, you can obviously obtain while on the Stock Customer Service.

We are currently working hard on a new generation of the formerly named R-system, with insights gained from the development of LEICA S2, which will be introduced in the late summer of 2009 on the market [the S2, not the R followup]. We will keep you informed.

We wish you, in our common interest, a continued successful collaboration."

剛也收到 L-Camera Forum 寄的信,應該是還會有新的相機在研發,目前把主力放在 S2,所以之前Dr. Kaufmann 在photokina宣佈會有新的R數位機應該還是會出吧,不過可能要等上一陣子.

至於R9和現在的R lens 會停售了.

After the good news regarding the LEICA M8 Firmware, not so positive news about the Leica R-system in this newsletter issue:

Leica yesterday informed their sales agencies and dealers, that Leica has no more stock of Leica R9 cameras and Leica R Lenses. A new production is not planned either.

Leica also writes that they are working hard “on making a generation change possible for the current R-System", for this the knowledge gained through the development of the LEICA S2 has helped tremendously.
This fits into the Leica’s and Dr. Kaufmann’s commitment to a digital R camera during the photokina.

In this moment I have no clue what this means for the Leica R photographers among us. But I’ll keep on pestering my contact persons with questions in order to keep you up to date.

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