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十一月 25th, 2011


M9 + ZM 21/4.5

M9 update to M9-P

十一月 21st, 2011



M lenses set to increase price in January 2012

十一月 19th, 2011

國外網站看到的,明年一月漲價,據說是國外的dealer price list。



Leica M9 Firmware V 1.174

十一月 10th, 2011

M9 Firmware  更新摟~

download from here

主要是解決 SD 卡的問題。

另外建議不要用 Sandisk 的兩款SD 卡,請大家注意了。

Improvements in the M9 Firmware Version 1.174
1. Bug fixes:
Leica Camera has become aware of customers experiencing compatibility issues related to select types
of new memory cards when used in the Leica M9.
This Firmware 1.174 fixes a bug that led to the faulty behaviour. Generally Leica recommends to use SD
/ SDHC Cards from San Disk. Until further notice, the following SD-Cards are still not recommended to
use, because some misbehaviour occurred in the test phasis.
– San Disk Extreme Pro SDHC I UHS-1 (all card sizes)
– San Disk Extreme HD Video SDHC I (all card sizes)


十一月 7th, 2011


All by M9 + ZM 21/4.5

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