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International Member Meeting Hessenpa(No R10, M9 will be FF)

七月 1st, 2009

剛收到L-Camera newsletter。

大約 1:46 段落,R10 不會出了,但是Leica希望以其他數位化的方案解決。

M9 會有,也會以全片幅做考量,但是難度比較高。

1. There will be a M9.
2. We are aware that full format is an important issue.
3. Full format is very challenging because of the M lenses.
4. We are one step further but still not there where we can announce the camera tomorrow.

International Member Meeting Hessenpark

Summary of Q&A Session with Stefan Daniel during Hessenpark Meeting

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R10 News

九月 25th, 2008

有R系統的朋友,應該可以放心了,R10 有一些消息了。

Leica has confirmed plans to launch the ‘R10’ – a digital camera we believe is likely to contain a full-frame imaging sensor and be more ‘classic’ in design than the current crop of digital SLRs on the market.

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